June 18, 2008

The Jury has Decided

I have received the result of my work evaluation today. I can't help to not get emotional about it. But i didn't cry, don't worry.

To live and survive these days is the toughest struggle for me. The daily needs has been getting more and more expensive as each day passes by. It is getting harder to survive.

I admit, i am afraid to lose my job. Beside for the facts that I love it and I am enjoying every tasks given to me, it is already my life. It has been the air that I am breathing and the one that provides food in our table and fills up our stomach. I am the breadwinner of the family and losing a job is least thing I would want to happen to me.

And now the result is out. The nervousness is killing me and I hate it when my patience is being test this way.

"This is the moment you have been waiting for", the HR told me.

For a moment, my world stopped spinning as I wait for the next set of words that she would be telling me.

"You have passed," and the thorn that was stuck in my throat was removed.

"Hooray!", my heart jumped in joy but my face showed no emotion. It is a talent that was given to me. To hide my true feelings.

Thanks God.

Everyday I was waiting until I have forgotten about it and it has been more than a month before the result was revealed. I have been traveling through a rough road lately. And in the day you least expect things like this, is the day they would always come. It just come on the moments that you have nowhere else to turn to.

I am just happy right now. Just now. I don't want to get overexcited about it. I just want to savor this moment silently with a smile.

In every rough road, there is a lesson to learn. In every good things that come is a chance to be happy and prepare yourself for a bigger battle ahead.

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