June 24, 2008

Beware of a Group of Manila Cops

Here is post i got from our forum. Hope this serves as a warning and alert. Pass it on.

beware of a group of manila cops

this was passed on by my husband's classmate from college in la salle.... hope it never happens to any of your loved ones!

thanks for the e mail. i'd like to tell you my son's experience with the manila police last wednesday evening at about 10pm. Christian went to the condo at the corner of vito cruz and taft ave. to return his cousin's laptop. he handed the laptop to his cousin and went back to the car. when he got to the car, there was a cop who asked him what he was doing there; why he was parked on a no parking area. christian said, if it were a no parking area why is it that there are a lot of cars parked. the cop told him to open his trunk and chris asked, why? do you have a warrant? anyway, the car doors and windows were open and another cop searched the interior while another opened the trunk. in the toolbox they found the plastic end of spark plugs. the cop said it was a paraphernalia. the same cop brought to the trunk used plastic sachets of shabu and started to shout 'drugs 'to!', 'drugs!' so they took christian, to the atm of bpi. they saw his card and asked him to withdraw all his money. fortunately he does not keep his money there. only his salary is deposited there. so the cops we insisted that he was a drug user. and my son was saying do a test now so they'll see if he's positive. he said i can't work in mandarin as a chef if i'm a drug user. he said he had to get police, nbi, barangay, court and medical clearance before he could start working. then the police took him to police head-quarters at un ave. and there forced him to eat shabu. it took a while before he ate it. six cops were punching him and scaring him with their guns until the poor guy peed in his pants out of fear. he had to swallow the drug. then the cops started to laugh. now we'll see if you are negative of shabu. '200,000php and we'll let you go or this will be at the fiscals office in the morning. call your friends and parents. this ordeal started at 10pm. he was able to call me at 5am the following day. poor son of mine was really traumatized. a friend of his came with twenty thousand the cops grabbed it and let him go as if nothing happened. i was in lipa all the time this was happening. chris later found out from his cousin that seven of her friends were also apprehended by the same group of cops and also took them to their atm's. they got all their money in the account. this cop is capt.mendoza of the mobil group and sargent gavino. if you guys know influential people in the service, please let them know about this. i would also like for them to return the money they took from my son so he could give it back to his friend. the more people know about this so called police officers the better. this is the type of government that we have now. disarm the population and this type of abuse happens. thanks and pass it on. bob

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