September 26, 2007

Silence and Melancholy

it was indeed a very peculiar night. the cold breeze is blowing and the sky is covered with clouds. it's about to rain again though it had rained hard earlier, it still have much to pour.

the dinner is served but still silence remains still. no words were spoken. no whispers were heard. only the murmuring conversation of the other couples across the table filled the air as if a very precious secret is being conversed.

the food is scrumptious but no one gave a compliment. dinner is finished and the bill was paid. it's time to go but only body language led the way.

the cold lonely night embraced me outside. another quiet walk has saddened my heart. i hoped it'll rain over me. i want to cry and hide the tears but i can't. i must be strong and keep myself together or I'll break down.

it is a very awkward feeling. silence kept echoing and my heart kept hurting. i feel so broken still i managed to smile. it's time to go. maybe later it'll be okay. i hope.

September 22, 2007

Jhoy Imperial and the Web

Ei their guys! just created a new blog site. it will be about web development. Just simple codes of PHP in the simplest way of understanding and usage... i'll stick with PHP for now, maybe in the future ill add codes for other languages that i know ^_^ im so excited ...

View my new blog site here "Jhoy Imperial and the Web"

September 4, 2007


Modeling is really a fabulous world. You meet lots of faces usually renowned people from big industries, visit places locally and around the globe and a free pass in being popular in the world. Though really tiring and exhausting, the fun part of it is you get a lot of freebies and stuffs. Branded items and usually limited edition, collectible items.

Lots and lots of people are aspiring to be on top of the modeling scene. People of all ages and of all genders. But modeling is not only for models alone. Modeling world is also comprised of photographers and stylists, without them, there can be no runway shows or fashion magazines.

Although I'm not into modeling, i really admire the artistic works of this industry. The glamorous outfits and styles, amazing poses and so artistic and fantastic photos. It's just very wonderful world where beauty really counts.

September 3, 2007

Jhoy Imperial

Ei guys!

this is my first blog and i just want to keep it simple by just introducing myself... hehe that's all ^_^ see yah in my other upcoming blogs... teeceee!