October 11, 2007

Image Gallery

hi guys! just been playing around with photoshop CS and here are my works... hope you' ll like 'em hehe... see my gallery below... =) thanks

October 10, 2007

PHP Classes

ei guys! got new PHP classes posted at "Jhoy Imperial and the Web". I've been writing simple and comprehensive snippets that i could share. hope you'll check it out.. thanks! =)

unwanted noise

tip tap tip
the drops of the water kept dripping

tip tap tip
the sound of the noise, i can't sleep

tip tap tip
breaks the silence of the night, killing me

tip tap tip
my head explodes from so much thinking

tip tap tip
gets louder and louder and i can't hear

tip tap tip
anger, depression, confusion surrounds

tip tap tip
help me forget, help me think, set me free


just recently, i registered to StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is just like Digg where you could discover web sites and rate them whether you like them or not. just so simple, just simply click the "Thumbs-up" icon in the firefox-addon StumbleUpon! toolbar if you like the current web page and "Thumbs-down" icon if it doesn't satisfy your taste.

i just get addicted with this web page rating site because of the web pages other stumblers has stumbled(pages other users has discovered and marked as their favorite). i've discovered a lot of other web sites about various topics like people, place, photography and others. i am amazed with the photos my co-stumblers has rated. they are really awesome and are truly artistic. i can't help myself aspiring to create such fantastic works of arts. others sites are really informative giving fascinating facts about simple things.

there are a lot of sites that i really loved when i randomly stumble on them. other stumblers has given their part in "stumbling" and so i feel i must do my part. hehe, and the most exciting part of it is to be able to discover more and share them to all.. gotta go stumbling. see yah! ^_^