September 2, 2008

worldtvradio: Watch TV and Listen to Radio Online

Internet has been my life for about a decade now. It has been a permanent part of my daily routine, check emails, post blog, forum activity, etc.

The best part of having an Internet access in your own home simply brought the best part of entertainment to me, online TV and radio access. There are lots of TV and radio portal in the web and one thing I hate about surfing these sites are the popup ads that blocks my browser.

I stumbled upon a software called world TVRT. It is Internet Television and Radio directory where you can watch tons of channels as well as numerous radio channels. According to their latest list, they already have 11500 records: 1750 TV channels and 9500+ radio stations. Who wouldn't want that? Cool, huh?

They were offering lots of channels worldwide. As I browsed through their channel list, I saw Japan, Poland, Egypt, UK and others. This just mean that you could watch your local channel that has Internet TV anywhere around the globe. Really nice.

Internet connectivity has never been fun when you could watch your favorite shows anywhere you are. Luckily there is this software that provides a wide range of TV and radio channels online.

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