July 29, 2008

CISCO Certification: A Must Have Certification

IT industry has been rapidly growing over the years. Many and many people has been switching into the world of computer but still there are still not enough professionals to fill-up the positions.

As time passes by, the qualifications for IT positions is getting higher and the numerous number of certifications has been a must in the content of every resume. High-salary paying companies prefer those people with great and reliable trainings and certifications.

One of the prominent certifications an IT professional can take are those by CISCO. CISCO offers trainings and certification for the vast world of computer networking.

Cisco certification has five categories: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Specialist. In college, we have taken the IP Networking (CCENT) as an elective in our curriculum. After graduation, most of my colleagues continued their CISCO training until Routing and Switching Associate (CCNA) and Routing & Switching Professional (CCNP). Many of them now are working in prestigious companies earning high salary.

Some of our schoolmates has joined the the CISCO competition and have won the contest. Besides the experience that they had from the the contests, some of them already has a job waiting for them after they had graduated. And those who have finished college already were hired in banks and big companies.

In the classified ads, there are bountiful opportunities for CISCO Certified Professionals. Many companies has included CISCO certification as part of there job requirement, thus, opening more and more jobs for IT professionals with high salary.

CISCO Technology topics includes the following:

  • data center

  • ip routing

  • networking fundamentals

  • network management

  • optical networking

  • router

  • security

  • storage

  • switching

  • telepresence

  • virtualization

  • voice / unified communications

  • web services

  • wireless

Taking CISCO certification is really a very good investment to yourself. A sure career and job will be waiting for you once you had your certificates.

My dream job was to be a networking engineer but due to lack of experience and certification, I was not qualified for the job. I am still planning to take my CISCO training maybe next year when my schedule would be a little flexible.

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