June 13, 2008

Migrating to Multiply

I already have a multiply account for years now but it is only lately that i much appreciate its worth. I had said to myself before that is better that friendster and I proven that to myself already.

Multiply is easy to manage and very straighforward. It follows the WYSIWYG standard of formatting and editing that is why you can play with your page's design and content.

Previously, I only use multiply as my online album. And now, I am starting to migrate my stuffs from Friendster to multiply. And now, i just added personal touch to my multiply page. I grabbed a multiply theme and used it in my site.

Here is how it looks like before:

"jhoy imperial and the web" to "Ako si jhoy"

And now:

"papel at keyboard at gunita"

I think I am going to settle down with multiply as my social network account. :)

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