May 6, 2008

Happy Days In My Favorite Pants

Being yourself is the best way to interact to others. Physical look adds up to one's personality. It doesn't mean you have to be beautiful rather you have to be presentable and clean. Wearing something comfortable adds more confidence in you. And wearing your favorite clothes adds comfort.

I have always a pair pants that i could say, is my most favorite pants. I can do what I want and I can move however I want. It gives me the ease of moving around and be me in front of anybody. If you are not comfortable of what you are wearing, you this shy feeling inside and you are too sensitive that the eyes of people around are staring at you.

I got my pants from my mom. She bought it in Hong Kong when she went there. It was supposedly hers but when we she came back here and we were unpacking her suitcase, I sneaked it out and started wearing it. She didn't have the choice but gave it to me. hehe. That's I how I got it from my mom.

I do a lot of things with my pants. If it could only talk, it would have shared stories of places it have been, people it have met and conversations it have heard. It have been my best buddy whenever I go out and I feel like something is missing whenever I go out to special places or simply a day out.

I surely have lots of memories with it. I just can't remember them all.


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Don't be shy. Share your experience like I did. It would be so much fun.

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