May 13, 2008

Desktop Tower Defense: A Very Addictive Game

It's true. This game just get me playing for hours every night.

Desktop Tower Defense game was introduced to me through our forum and ever since then I can't stop playing.

The main goal of the game is to kill all the creeps and prevent them from passing through. You could set up any defense layout with the towers. Each towers has its own strengths and ability. Thus, this is a game of creativity and strategy.

Warning: Don't play this game. :P

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Simon said...

Another addicting flash arcade game is Omega Tower Defense , now that is hard.

Its difficult to survive the first few levels.

jhoy imperial said...

cool! thanks.

another nights of endless games :)

ken-G said...

i have been through this endless addiction :), a good replacement for warcraft TD map

jhoy imperial said...

me, i was just able to stop for awhile 'cause my DSL has been temporarily disconnected hehehehe may be next ill get my net back and i'm back in the game :)