May 5, 2008

Chevrolet Aveo: Get Real

This was a cool ad by Chevy.

Obviously, you wouldn't want an over-accessorized car. Just all that you need is enough.

I love cars and i am amazed of their different features. And having been introduced to a model gives me the excitement. And because of their cool ad, I got insterested to check out Chevrolet Aveo. I browsed through Chevrolet Europe for what Chevrolet Aveo has to offer.

Sound tripping is the best while your on the road. Chevrolet Aveo has a audio sound system where you could play your favorite MP3 music. Who doesn't want a good relaxing tune or feet-thumping disco music while driving?

A problem every tall guy has when choosing a car is the space for their long legs. That is not a problem for this car because it has a spacious legroom for. Cool huh?

Another thing that I looked at in a car is the engine. I like the agile 1.4 72 kW/100 hp engine. Also, it is environment friendly because it emits low C02. Gotta love mother nature.

There are other features that I've read about Chevrolet Aveo. These are some of the standard features of this ride: Anti-lock breaks, front and side airbags, seatbelt pretentioners and crumple zones. It has 60/40 split rear seats for your suitcases and stuffs and lots of small storage pockets for your gadgets and accessories.

Oh my! I wouldn't want to end up with a crazy car. :)

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