April 26, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

Blogging became a hobby for me since last year. I blogged about my life, books, movies, songs and others. Whenever I have time, I write anything that caught my interest. A friend of mine suggested to me, why not monetize my blog and he suggested to my PayPerPost.

Payperpost is a website that pays you to blog. It has a wide marketplace of companies, sites and softwares that are looking for eligible writes to review their products or site. I took the opportunity to write because I knew in myself that I can do the task.

So, I head on to their site and signed up.

I first tried to register my wordpress blog but it was rejected. Wordpress does not accept any profitable posts for their hosted blogs. I just learned about that when my wordpress blog got
rejected the next day.

Because I have other blogs, I didn't hesitate to try again. I submitted my blogspot site. A day after, another sad rejection email came to me. I should have at least 10 posts from the day I submitted this blog. I has stopped posting in blogspot for 2 months because of my wordpress blog. 10 blogs won't hurt.

At last! After 5 days of waiting and 2 rejections, this blog of mine is officially approved by payperpost. Here is their approval letter:
Hello jhoy imperial,
This is a notification letting you know that your PayPerPost blog,
Inquisitive Mind, has been approved and is now available.
You can now take opportunities and write about them on your blog.
Thank you,
The PayPerPost Team

Thanks god, i'm in. It's time to start the business growing. :)

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